School and Library Presentations


Book Reading

The book will be read twice, once with visuals only, touching on themes and connections, then after a brief discussion it will be read again in its entirety. Time will be given for participants to respond to themes and content with a question period at the end.

Duration: 60 minutes

Suitable for ages 4-adult

Group size: single class to 100

From First Ideas Through to Finished Book

From First Ideas Through to Finished Book

Illustration Process

Following an introduction to the book’s themes the illustration process will be discussed with visuals - from first reading of the manuscript through to publication. Participants will get an overview of materials and techniques, research, reference and inspiration, process from rough sketches through final artwork. A brief look at the publishing team and how we all work together is included. Time allowed for questions and answers at the conclusion of this presentation.

Duration: 60 minutes

Suitable for ages 8 - adult

Group size: single class to 100

Constructive Criticism

Interactive seminar with students in an art class setting, discussing aspects of criticism and how these can be used to improve one’s work. Once absorbed, this seminar can help participants judge when criticism they receive in any circumstance is constructive and when it can be dismissed.

Powerpoint presentation is geared to dovetail with class portraiture assignment (self-portrait or other) but with enough lead-time can be modified to suit another class assignment

Students will receive a handout with the key ideas presented which they can apply to projects going forward.

Duration: One class (60 to 90 minutes)

Suitable for ages 9 to adult

Group size: As the presentation includes individual critiques of students’ work it is best suited to one class at a time.